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A fresh look at scripture. The Native American perspective.

Currently I am reading a book by Randy Woodley, titled “Indigenous Theology and the Western Worldview.” The author is a native American theologian who unlocks a fascinating way looking at scripture through the lens of native American culture.He finds, that “The Bible was not written from a Western worldview, it was written as story. In…

The “World”

Today I would like to invite you to reflect on “the world” around you. The Christian tradition often ascribes negative connotations to the terms “the world” or “worldly.” Many Christians, but also other spiritual Traditions tend to establish a “us vs. them” mentality when thinking about the inside group –such as the church- and the…

Experiencing God in the Digital Space

Lately, I have been exploring new ways in which we can use digital spaces to experience God. More detailed thoughts will be forthcoming, but for the time being this site is simply a collection of interesting material, such as podcasts, articles, videos which pose interesting ideas to approach the matter. Welcome to the journey.

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